Principles of Homeopathy

Principles of homeopathy

Like Cures Like (Similia similibus curentur)

Being one of the foundational principles of homeopathy, this important tenet proclaims that a substance that produces certain symptoms in healthy people can cure the same symptoms in the sick. Hahnemann determined this to be true by testing diluted substances on himself and observing his reactions, which he compared to symptoms of known diseases.

The Use of a Single Remedy

Each homeopathic remedy works by stimulating the Vital Force. The totality of the patient’s symptoms are matched to the unique ‘picture’ of the remedy. Therefore, the classical homeopath prescribes only one remedy at a time and frowns upon the use of mixed preparations. By taking two or more remedies, the Vital Force gets confused, as each remedy has its own ‘picture’ and rhythm.


Proving, or experimentation with remedies on healthy individuals is a third principle of homeopathy. Hahnemann was the first to introduce the concept of scientific experiments on medicinal substances as a basis for prescribing with them.

The Infinitesimal Potentized Dose

The fourth law of homeopathy is the infinitesimal dose. Hahnemann understood that too much medicine would add unnecessary strain to a weakened body. Therefore, he diluted his medicines to the point where no original molecule of the substance remained. Between dilutions, he found it necessary to energize the substance by succussion or trituration. Dilution alone is not sufficient to make a remedy work; potentization must occur for a remedy to have a true homeopathic effect.

This concept is very difficult to grasp for someone who believes that patients are cured by medicine and therefore more medicine is better. Homeopathy is founded on the principle that a medicine only stimulates the Vital Force, or the patient’s own curative powers, for which only a minuscule potentized dose of a remedy is necessary.

Modern physics is just beginning to catch up with Hahnemann: that matter is essentially energy and that remedies are essentially information which can be conveyed to the body’s own healing energy by their vibrational pattern imprinted onto the inert carrier substance.