Conditions Treated with Homeopathy

Homeopathy looks beyond the labels of diseases in order to cure their causes, rather than merely suppress their symptoms, and it stimulates the body’s own natural healing powers to bring health, vitality and well-being. It does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. It uses medicines that cover the disturbance of the whole person rather than giving different medicines for different afflicted parts of the body. Patients often report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality of sleep, and digestion, and the disappearance of other symptoms, apparently unrelated to the condition being treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathy excels in areas that traditional medicine has failed or is out of options. Some of the conditions treated with homeopathy are:

  • depression, irritability, forgetfulness, anxiety, phobias
  •  urological and gynecological problems: PMS, hot flashes and menopause-related disorders, infertility, impotence, prostatitis; recurring UTIs
  • endocrinological: thyroid disorders, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • respiratory: chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis, tonsilitis, recurring infections in general,asthma
  • digestive: constipation , diarrhea, flatulence, ulcer, heartburn, nausea, vomiting
  • cardiovascular: high blood pressure
  • osteo-articular complaints: arthritis, joint pain
  • traumas: concussions, contusions, all types of trauma, post-surgical care, fractures
  • skin problems: eczema, hives, herpes, psoriasis, warts
  • neurological: headaches, migraines, vertigo
  • pediatric behavioral problems


conditions treated with homeopathy