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what is homeopathy?

Welcome to classical homeopathy in New York City.

Homeopathy is a safe, effective and holistic system of medicine which is gentle and non-toxic, yet often provides profound healing effects. Homeopathy treats the whole person, affecting mind, body and emotions. The medicines are made from herbs, minerals and other natural sources in serial dilutions, and are recognized and approved by the FDA. The remedies stimulate the defense mechanism of the body in order to overcome disease, rather than suppress the symptoms.

The practice of classical homeopathy is based on the careful observation of symptoms combinations, which guide the homeopath in choosing the remedy which will act. Only one remedy is prescribed at one time, according to the principles outlined by homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann, over 200 years ago.

Homeopathy in new york city
homeopathy in new york city


The homeopathic medicines, also known as remedies, are selected according to the person’s overall constitution and not just their primary symptoms. For instance, 10 different patients with asthma will likely be prescribed 10 different remedies based on the individual’s mental, emotional, and physical characteristics, as well as the specific presentation of their asthma.

Far from giving side-effects, homeopathic remedies improve a person’s life on all levels. He or she sleeps much better and deeper, has improved energy to tackle the daily tasks, and feels overall more confident and better adjusted. Some may find themselves cleaning house and closets and tackling the huge pile of paperwork they never got around to sort!

How does homeopathy work?

The homeopathic treatment is individualized for each person. The remedies are tailored not only to the patient’s symptoms but also to their personality type and to the reason they fell ill. The practitioner listens carefully and without judgment to the patient for guidance in prescribing a fitting remedy. During this process, the homeopath and patient are actively engaged in a close collaboration, which empowers the patient to listen and observe their body’s reactions. The prescribed remedy  harnesses the body’s own healing energy, the Vital Force, in order to overcome the disease. 

The correct practice of homeopathy requires extensive and accurate gathering of information from the patient, which makes the selection of the correct remedy relatively straightforward for patients in relatively good health. Oftentimes, these patients experience dramatic improvements after one remedy. However, when chronic problems have resulted in a more compromised defense system, the identification of the correct remedy can present quite a challenge to the practitioner. Such patients usually present symptoms or combinations of symptoms that indicate several remedies. These cases will be treated with successive prescriptions at given intervals in order to rebuild the defense system step by step and eventually reach a higher level of health. Depending on the depth of pathology, this approach can last from several months to several years.

Unfortunately, difficult and complex cases have become the norm rather the exception in our modern society. Signs of increased deterioration of the general level of health include the growing number of mental, psychological and chronic degenerative conditions. It is here, in these cases that modern medicine has given up on, that homeopathy shines. By treating the underlying reason for the disease, any condition can be improved upon or eliminated for good.